Kid Kapichi – The Green Door Store

Kid Kapichi – The Green Door Store

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“It’s easy to forget the comfort of a familiar melody or lyric, something that reminds you of time passed, a former self or old friends. For most, Kid Kapichi’s music is a refreshing call home, to a place of warmth.”

It’s been just over a year since I interviewed Ben Beetham and Jack Wilson of the four-piece rock band Kid Kapichi about their self-titled EP and recording new material at Savage Sound. Since then, Kid Kapichi have released two EPs (Kid Kapichi, Lucozade Dreams), created killer music videos for singles Waster and Puppet Strings and have been gigging all around the UK.

The band, consisting of Ben Beetham (guitar/vocals), Jack Wilson (guitar/vocals), George Macdonald (drums) & Eddie Lewis (bass), took to the stage at The Green Door Store, Brighton, for a gig supported by local rock/alternative band My-Hi and progressive rock band Squig.

The band began their set with the first track on their self-titled EP “Take it on the Chin”, introducing the seamless progression between Ben and Jack’s vocals, something which seems to be one of the main developments in Kapichi’s new material. Their vocal melodies have become much more prominent, whilst still absorbing their seductively frenetic riffs. The band followed this with the incredibly eerie “Puppet Strings” from their latest EP, as well as new song “Revolver”, which evokes the feeling of impending calamity – “Too young to die, but I’m gonna try.”

Another notable revision in Kid Kapichi’s musical catalogue is “Ice Cream” which,  granted, was already a fan favourite and a triumph, but the newly revised live version seems to hit even harder, including a gradual, almost supernatural intro for the song.

Once upon a time, SQ Magazine stated, “Kid Kapichi will still satisfy the new generation of adolescents with a heavy dose of teenage kicks”.

And really, do we ever stop needing our teenage kicks?

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