The Eggtooth Project: Hatching Potential

“The Eggtooth Project, a Hastings-based social enterprise that works with young people and families, is the organisation working alongside the Hastings Pier Charity for this year’s Zooquarium Festival.”

Film Review: Lion (2016)

“Dev Patel has come far from his days as Anwar “buddha buddha cheese buddha” Kharral, or as Neal Sampat trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot and conspiring to commit espionage.”

ALIBI “Mama” Single Release @ The Tub

” The budding atmosphere gave the lads’ support bands more than enough adrenaline to work up the crowd just before Alibi’s exodus of bodacious guitar riffs, and the balmy and youthful tinge of For Days and Vicious Trinity. “

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – DIY Viewing Party

Ever since news broke about the upcoming Gilmore Girls Netflix Revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I’ve wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion. I grew up watching Gilmore Girls and I like to think it is the only reason I can read and talk at an absurdly fast pace. I could…

Raising the Dead

“Flynn’s ever-appealing resonator guitar and sombre resonance came forth to greet me like an old friend.”

Generation ME

“I see people day-to-day trying to make money from things such as Youtube, which used to be a platform for creatives, and it being milked like the cash cow that it now is. There’s an endless stream of challenge videos and clickbait gaining thousands of views whilst others barely get any credit for original content.”

The Kid Kapichi Gig Review – 26.11.16

“It’s easy to forget the comfort of a familiar melody or lyric, something that reminds you of time passed, a former self or old friends. For most, The Kid Kapichi’s music is a refreshing call home, to a place of warmth, to Hastings.”