Twenty One Stupid Things

I turn 21 tomorrow. I’m still trying to work out how much I actually care. It’s arduous, attempting to collect your thoughts when the mind is overrun. Did I ever tell you about my first kiss? I was 9 years old at a school disco. It happened in the entrance of All Saints Hall whilst … Continue reading Twenty One Stupid Things

Carraway Drinks Cabinet

Having a drinks cabinet makes you a swanky adult, right? This Art Deco, Gatsbyesque drinks cabinet is the ultimate fashion staple to make your pre-drinks and get-togethers seem like a high-class soirée. I found that this cabinet brought a sense of luxury and ease to gatherings, with everything you need to make your preferred tipple … Continue reading Carraway Drinks Cabinet

"If the barriers between us and those around us aren't the fixed, impermeable things we thought they were, then food is at the heart of this shared selfhood. Food transgresses the 'boundaries' between here and there, us and them, me and you, until we are all just bundles of matter, eating and being eaten. When we feed each other, we give a bit of ourselves to … Continue reading

The Cooking Gap

I'm lucky. I have always been surrounded by good food. The term “Good Food” is debatable. We all have our own views on what food is “Good”, we’ve built an entire culture around it. Can food be “good” if it isn’t healthy? If it isn’t pretty enough for Instagram? What’s wrong with a 2-for-1 pizza … Continue reading The Cooking Gap

Toots and The Maytals | De La Warr Pavilion

“From Kingston, Jamaica – we call him Toots. The man who gave us the word reggae with a song called “Do The Reggay” way back, and if you hang out with someone really ugly you can say “You huggin’ up the big Monkey Man”

Dead Easy Banoffee Pie

  I was a pretty fussy eater for most of my life. When I was 9, I had been coerced into attending a dinner with my grandparents at a friend’s house, and after being faced with the hefty, impossible challenge of forcing a lumpy potato soup down my throat all promise that the night had held … Continue reading Dead Easy Banoffee Pie