Upcoming Event: An Evening with Alan McGee

Upcoming Event: An Evening with Alan McGee

Alan McGee, the boisterous co-founder and boss of one of the most significant music labels in British rock history, Creation Records, is touring the UK with ‘An Evening with Alan McGee’.

McGee has experienced many successes, not only as a record label owner (he is responsible for the signing of bands such as Oasis, Primal Scream, The Jesus Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine), but also as a producer, businessman, musician, DJ, and blogger, so there’s no denying he has many compelling stories to tell.

On Saturday, April 27th from 8pm, An Evening with Alan McGee will be held at the Blackmarket VIP venue nestled in the heart of the Hastings Old Town. Hosted by author, producer and DJ, Rob Fiddaman, McGee will discuss his career, the music industry and his relationships with the bands he helped shape the 80’s and 90’s music scenes. The event will also include live sets from popular local acts Alibi, The Gallerys and Winter Gardens, as well as a DJ set from Southcoast DonArden to close the night.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets here, and check out the event page on Facebook.

See you there!

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