The Kid Kapichi Gig Review – 26.11.16

The sheer range of music in Hastings is something that can only be admired. The talent and venues that have emerged over the past few years have strengthened the Hastings music scene and brought us together as a collective; the music remains celestial and continues to enthral us as a community, and it is a pillar which balances on the foundations of inclusiveness. For those familiar with the Hastings music scene, you will have heard of The Kid Kapichi, a four-piece rock band consisting of Ben Beetham (guitar/vocals), Jack Wilson (guitar/vocals), George Macdonald (drums) & Eddie Lewis (bass), who have graced many a stage in our eccentric town. The boys of The Kid Kapichi have been away expanding the contents of their discography and set lists as well as playing London gigs, however on the 26th November they returned to their roots to play a major show at The Tub, Hastings.

With their leading influences being The Libertines, Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age, having supported bands such as Slaves and Skunk Anansie as well as rubbing shoulders with the likes of Carl Barât, The Kid Kapichi have a comprehensive history. Loyal, devoted fans and fresh faces alike returned with a familiar voraciousness for the much anticipated performance; the night was a celebration, though it was also tinged with poignancy. The event came just a week after a beloved figure to those at The Tub, Seany Love, passed away. The band had a collection at the gig to help with funeral costs for Love’s family, as well as other commemorative contributions.

The Kid Kapichi were supported by The Staches, a pop-punk garage band from Geneva, Switzerland consisting of Lise Sutter (lead vocals/synth), Charlotte Mermoud (bass/backing vocals), Léo Marchand (guitar) & Martin Burger (drums). They released their first LP “Machine” in 2014, along with their EP “EP III” with Six Tonnes de Chair, Burger Records & Gnar Tapes in 2015; they also released another LP this month entitled “Placid Faces” with Swiss label Les Disques Bongo Joe. The Staches create a melodious pop-punk which allows for gratifying commotion whilst also pathing a way for Lise’s meandering vocal style, reminiscent of Courtney Barnett or Joan Jett.

The Kid Kapichi debuted new songs, sandwiching them between already established hits such as “She Kicks Off” and “Doctor’s Note”, as well as their most recent single “Ice Cream”.

It’s easy to forget the comfort of a familiar melody or lyric, something that reminds you of time passed, a former self or old friends. For most, The Kid Kapichi’s music is a refreshing call home, to a place of warmth, to Hastings. As SQ Magazine stated, “Kid Kapichi will still satisfy the new generation of adolescents with a heavy dose of teenage kicks”.

And really, when do we ever stop needing our teenage kicks?

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